Would you change the way you think?

If you knew your thoughts and worrying caused more of the same…


Picture of your thoughts in a neuropathway.

Think about that for a moment. Would you change the way you think or your thoughts if you knew they create more of the same kind of experiences? I believe you would. And the truth is, they actually are the cause of what you experience. You now know that they do, so stop. Change the way you think about something and the thing you think about changes. However, the hard work is doing this repeatedly over and over until your body knows this better than your mind and you have created a new habit or way of thinking. Repetition is the key to this change. You must do something over and over to change. Else your usual way of thinking creates the same thing. Your brain is wired that way through its neuro pathways. When you repeatedly think and feel in a certain way it creates a neuropathway that is wired and fires together. That is why, when you gauge your life by what you see always produces much of the very same thing. Therefore nothing changes.

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