What is your vision for your life?

What is your vision for your life? Why do I ask? Here is why. “The vision that you glorify in your mind, the ideal you enthrone within your heart, this you will build by your life, and this you will become.” This is a quote by James Allen. This is a truth that you should ponder. You have been given a great intellect,  a conscious mind by which you can think and build ideas with your mind and by holding those ideas in your mind and becoming emotionally involved  (marry the idea and be faithful to it) with the idea and through repetition of this process the subconscious mind will take the idea as a command and produce the idea in your life. Now the whole trick in living life this way is to remain awake (conscious / present) that way you can control your environment in your mind instead of letting information received by your five senses dictate to you how you feel. You keep your power of choice by staying awake. Guard your mind from unwanted influences. Remember it is written where there is no vision, people perish.  Now attaining your vision / goal is the easy part. The hard work comes in trying to decide specifically what you what. Remember fuzzy vision, fuzzy results.

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