What do you do when you don’t reach your goal quickly enough?

You wait as one who understands.

Our goals, dreams and visions for our lives are spiritual seeds. Our problem is we do not understand the gestation for spiritual seeds. We can know the gestation period for the physical seeds. For example human babies take approximately 270 days, carrots 50 to 80 days, dogs areĀ 58 to 68 days and elephants are 18 to 22 months. Now a husband after learning his wife is expecting a child does not come home in 30 days and say “well where is it?” No, he waits with understanding and expectation. I tell you the truth spiritual seeds are governed by the same laws of the physical seeds. It takes a period of time to move from the spiritual to the physical but it does move into form. So we need to wait with assurance and full faith expecting the thing to move into form. So you should now wait as one who understands. Because there is no line of demarcation of where the thing stops being spiritual and starts being physical. Both the spiritual and physical are hooked, linked and joined together. Know that spiritual seeds just vibrate at a higher frequencies than the physical things. Take water for instance, we heat it, which changes its rate of vibration and it becomes steam, heat it more and still yet a higher frequency, and we call it air, ether or gas. But all forms still have the same properties as the water and again there is no line of demarcation where it changes from form, through form and back into form. They are all the same. We need to stop being conditioned to use our five senses and use the understanding that comes from within. So judge your goals from within instead of Understandingjudging them without. Know and understand they must move into form. It is the law.

To your success!

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