“Students to Geniuses”: What we can learn from the Raikov experiments

Be the first to use it…

Back in 1971, something mysterious and fascinating happened that you
probably never heard about.

A Russian neuropsychologist named Vladimir Raikov was experimenting
with hypnosis on a group of 12 students when he stumbled across a
technique that turned average students into Einstein-level geniuses
and musical prodigies—instantly.

His findings so astounded his fellow researchers worldwide that even
the United States sent psychologists to Russia to meet with Raikov
and try to figure out how it worked.

In spite of this, Raikov’s research and the technique itself were
effectively buried and never received the attention they deserved.

But now the details about this technique are finally seeing the light of day,
and once you discover it for yourself, you can start using it to instantly
raise your own intelligence.

P.S. This is an incredible opportunity to be one of the first wave of
people to elevate their intelligence by using this powerful technique.

Watch the Story of the Raikov Effect Here and Start Using it Today

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