So why are you not doing better?

The Answer is your paradigm!

I am sure you probably know how to do better, but you just don’t know why you are not doing better. The answer lies in your paradigm. But just what is your paradigm? Your paradigm is a multitude of your habits created by your beliefs. In other words your paradigm is your programming that causes you to do what you do. It regulates your actions and tries successfully most of the time to keep you in your comfort zone. Now here is the important part about your paradigm. It was formed during your infancy, even as early as being in the womb until you were about 7 years old. During that time your subconscious mind was wide open and everything from your surroundings was being impressed into your subconscious mind. So the very truth is, your habits are actually someone else’s habit. Hence sayings like, you’re just like your father or you’re just like your mother. It is the paradigm that controls you. Now understand this, what gets impressed into the subconscious mind must be by law, expressed through the body. So the very key to doing better is do change the paradigm. But how do you do that, you may be thinking. There are only two ways that I’m aware of. First is an emotional impact, that is an event so emotional it overwrites the paradigm. Second method is purposeful repetition. But ultimately you need an awareness that you can overwrite the paradigm, and then you need some understanding of how your mind / body work in concert with each other. It does take conscious effort to change your mindset / paradigm. However if you act now, below is a great Brain-a-Thon webinar to participate in and gain more awareness and that is what you presently lack. Don’t miss this opportunity!

To your success!

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Paradigm Shift

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