Money is electric….

That is why we call it currency!

How do you feel about money? Do you feel it is hard to come by? Hard to get? Do you think it takes money to earn money? That is does not grow on trees, that it is the root of all evil and etc. These are just beliefs or your mental paradigms that keep you stuck where you are. Yes money is electric or better yet energy. That is why we call it currency. Yes money is just energy and a magnifying energy at that. What do I mean? Your money is a magnifier in your life. It honestly just makes you more of who you are. If you are a caring, good person, it make you a better, bigger caring, good person. If you are a butt-head, it makes you a bigger butt-head. Have you considered this? You don’t make money, you earn money for service you render. The only people who make money work at the mint. So truly money is an exchange. But it follows this order. You provide service, products, etc. first then you earn money. If you have a job, you always work first, then earn your wage. It is always in that order. Now your earnings provided to you come from only one source, not multiple sources. It is our Creator / Heavenly Father who provides. He is the only source, not your job, business or employer. It make come through those means, but it is He alone who provides. Furthermore He provides to you by law. What do I mean? He provides to you according to His law of compensation. This law does not only apply just to money but all compensations that you earn. But in our topic today we are referring it to your financial earnings. Put simply the law of compensation states, that the amount you are compensated for is in direct proportion to:

  1. The need for what you do.
  2. Your ability to do it. How good you are at it.
  3. How hard it is to replace you.

Is this information helpful or is there a tip to how to use it? Great question! Yes there is a tip concerning this law. It falls within your actions. Specifically you need to focus your energies on #2 your ability to do what it is that you do. You need to just work on getting better at what you do. Become the best you can be and the other parts take care of themselves. Work on getting better!

In his book, The Science Of Getting Rich, Wallace Wattles states is really does not matter what you do. It is a matter of how you do it. It would be prudent on your part to purchase this book and study this great principle. Pick any industry or business, you can always find two of them within the same local area. One will be succeeding in the business and the other will be struggling. It is not what they do, it is a matter of how they are doing it.

To recap, money is energy. That is why we call it currency. We live in an orderly universe and it and you are governed by laws. One of them being the Law of         Compensation.

Money Opportunity

This is a follow up article to this one: Financial Success.

To Your Success!

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