Let your light shine!

You are a light in this world. Let it shine.

Life is…what shall I say? Amazing. This early morning I was looking out the window and the sun was rising. It must have just been at the correct angle to illuminate everything that is usually not visible. Have you ever experienced the sun coming in your window at the right angle that it illuminates all the dust particles that are always there but usually you don’t see them? Well, I experienced this in the outdoors this morning. I could not believe my eyes. I was seeing all sorts of flying things. Tiny as they were, I am sure you usually don’t see them. Yes, they were bugs, but in an abundance such as I have not seen. What do I make of all this? My ah-ha moment. 1. Light illuminates stuff you don’t want to see. 2. There is an abundance of everything all around you. 3. You don’t always see that abundance. 4. Stuff you want to see is in abundance with stuff you don’t want to see. Actually, side by side. 5. Our conditioning (represented by the angle of the sun this morning) only allows us to see certain things. 6. Every now and then you have a moment when everything is exposed. Those moments are actually liberating. 7. Your perception (represented by the sunlight) influences what you see. Most of the time you only see what your perception allows you to see. The other stuff (represented by the tiny flying things) is there in abundance but you don’t see them. 8. You can’t even deal with the other stuff until you see it. Until you recognize it. There may be some unconscious things in your life that are not serving you but and not until you recognize them, can you begin to change them. 9. One may say… Out of sight, out of mind. Who cares about the small stuff anyway? 10. It is how you respond, not react to the small stuff that determines the results you are looking for. 11. You are a masterpiece because you are a piece of the master. 12. You are the light of the world! What are you illuminating? Wake up to who you are!

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