Decision making solves problems.

Yes, making a committed decision can solve all of your problems big and small.
There’s a mental move you can make which, in a millisecond, has the potential
to improve almost any personal or business situation you will ever encounter. It could literally propel you down the path to incredible success. The name for
this magic mental activity is DECISION. Decisions, or the lack of them, are
responsible for the breaking or making of many a career. Individuals who have
become very proficient at making decisions, without being influenced by the
opinions of others, are the same people whose annual incomes fall into the
six- and seven-figure category. Unfortunately, we’re not taught how to make
decisions in school or, for the most part, at work. So, you must develop this
mental ability on your own. The good news, armed with the proper information (there’s an entire chapter on Decision in Think & Grow Rich by Napolean Hill) and by subjecting yourself to certain disciplines, you can become a very effective decision maker. By becoming proficient at decision making, you can virtually
eliminate conflict and confusion in your life. It brings order to your mind and, of course, this order is then reflected in your results.

Here is something worth thinking about. Napolean Hill states that successful
people make decisions quickly and rarely change their mind if ever and
unsuccessful people make decisions slowly and change their mind often. Become
a quick decision maker and stick to your decisions.

To your success!

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