It happens.

Do you like change? I find that most people do not like change. However most of the time it is not the change that bothers people. It is this, being changed. People resist being changed. But the truth of the matter is that change happens. Most of the time the change is bigger than us, so we have to come to terms with the change and eventually accept the change. You see we live in an ocean of motion. Everything moves. Everything. So the reality is nothing stays the same. But know this about change. Change always follows the laws, it is orderly. You see day always follows night. Winter always follows fall. You don’t get 3 winters and one spring in a year. Change is orderly. We automatically accept these changes. They are part of our life of accepted things. Where we find our problem, is when a change occurs, that forces us to change. Suppose you become successful and your friends have keep discouraging you. Why? Your change of success, is forcing them to change something about themselves. Such as losing you as a close friend or you spending less time with them. They then have to deal with your absence. So they naturally resist that, even unconsciously and they begin to discourage you so you don’t change. But change always happens. Why? Because everything is energy and energy moves from form, through form and back into form. So change happens!

However in light of that. If the change is smaller than you. If you can influence the change by all means influence it. Be your true self. You be the change you are longing to see in the world. If you want to change the world, it is imperative that you change you first. I encourage you to be the change.


To your success!

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