Can you see your opportunities?

I say…You don’t always see your opportunities!

We so often want and desire opportunities of different kinds and for a variety of reasons. But are you truly seeing them when they are before you? I can honestly say you are not seeing all of them and perhaps they are even right in front of you and you don’t even notice them and I will prove it to you. Take a look at this very familiar company logo.

I ask what do you see? Do you see an arrow or a spoon? I am telling you those two objects are right before you and chances are great that you don’t see them. I will even tell you where they are and some of you will still not see them. The arrow is between the capital E and the x. Do you see the arrow? The spoon is in the lower portion of the lower case e. Do you see the spoon? Why do you not see the items?

When opportunities knock.

I will tell you that your brain thinks in pictures, not words. And you do not have a cell of recognition in your brain of those two items associated with that logo. But once you see them, you will now have a cell of recognition and most likely see them first now when you see this logo. That brings me back to your opportunities. Since you may not have a cell of recognition in your brain of some opportunity before you, and I say right before you. You will not see it or even notice it exists.

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In regards to your success, successful people for centuries have known and used this strategy. What is this strategy or opportunity? It is multiple sources or streams of income. You need more than one source of income. Do you have those type of opportunities before you? I am interested in your success so I will put an opportunity in front of you. It is a done for you, opportunity. By the way, those are the easiest kind. Here it is.

OpportunityTo take advantage of this done for you, opportunity or click here!

Or another opportunity

I came across a JV opportunity that I thought I’d share with you, it truly would be perfect for you also.

NeuroGym, a long-term partner of mine, has a big launch coming up from on October 6th, 2018 and I thought you might want to get in on it.

Here’s why it’d be a great idea for you to promote it:

  • They have a big launch coming up promoting their 7th Annual Live Brain-A-Thon event which is one of the largest and most coveted in the industry. They recently tested this offer to their house list and they generated $9 EPC’s. This live event only happens once a year and it converts like crazy.
  • They have powerful, compelling copy that they are constantly testing and tweaking for high conversions.
  • Every promotion has a ton of great, valuable content that your list will love.
  • 1 Million people have registered for previous events
  • Last year their average EPC was $8.34, and EPO was $38.02.  Those are some of the very highest in the industry.
  • Commission rate is 40%!
  • $50,000 in cash prizes available to win
  • Massive exposure and co-branding opportunities for your large list

Plus, they have an incredible support team who will make it easy for you to promote their offers successfully.

If you’re interested in getting in on this launch, sign up clicking here.

You won’t be disappointed and I highly recommend it.

To your success!

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