Why does an attitude of gratitude work?

You need an Attitude of Gratitude…

Attitude of Gratitude

How and why does this work? Let me first share a quote from the late, great Albert Einstein. “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.” It is our perception of that quote that determines how our world / universe is. Verily I tell you the truth, we live in a friendly universe. Furthermore we live in a belief driven world. I tell you the truth…God and the universe is for you! He has your greatest good in mind at all times and longs to give you this kingdom. It truly is your benefit when you cooperate with this truth through your feeling of gratitude. You can never go wrong with having an attitude of gratitude. ( An attitude is made up of these: your thoughts, feelings and actions) Understand how you are made. Your thoughts create your beliefs, your beliefs create your feelings, your feelings create your actions and your actions create your life results. Now consider this truth with that said. Your thoughts are an electrical charge in your conscious mind and your feelings are a magnetic charge in your subconscious mind. Both together create an electro-magnetic charge and draw to you things that have an affinity to that exact charge to the complete percent. This is all done according to law. Now your life challenge is this…To live in harmony with God / Universe and His modus operandi which is His law. And I am not referring to the 10 commandments as some may believe. I am referring to His Natural Laws that He has established and everything follows. The clue and key to stay in harmony is your emotions for they are your guidance system to your alignment. Your challenge is to stay in love or above.

Chart of Emotions

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