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Follow these 6 steps to rewire your brain for success

Imagine how much different your life could be if your brain was programmed for “success.” Where every time you set a goal, you knew you’d be able to achieve it. Where fear, doubt or anxiety didn’t get in your way. … Continue reading

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Have your choices painted you into a corner?

Your Choices… Is that even possible? Certainly! It is quite possible that the choices you have made, have painted you into a corner. Now you feel you no longer have a choice. Or your choosing can no longer help you. … Continue reading

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Paradigms are your group of beliefs and habits. Honestly, this is what’s controlling your life. Your paradigm may not be serving your best interest and goals. So they may have to be changed. But don’t just take my word about it. Watch … Continue reading

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Quantum Physics…the Bible…and Heresy…

What do Quantum Physics, the Bible, and heresy have in common? I’m writing to you quickly today. I’ve just discovered something incredibly intriguing… I know you’re interested in learning all about the Law of Attraction, Meditation, and Manifestation… But what … Continue reading

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The Untold Easter Story!

Truly, Truly, I tell you righteous judgment is not seeing the actual but seeing the potential. And in that light, I tell you the untold Easter Story that comes with this take away. God is all-inclusive. I will say that … Continue reading

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