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Oneness Declaration

I declare: 1.    That the message We Are All One, interrelated, interconnected and interdependent, with God/Life/One-another, is the one spiritual message that the world has been waiting for to bring about loving and sustainable answers to humanity’s challenges. 2.    That … Continue reading

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Believe In Your Ideas

Ideas… Ideas and babies have a lot in common when they are new born; they require a lot of nourishment to survive. A new idea, regardless of its size, may not be able to withstand a beating when you first … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Speak More Powerfully

By: Margie Warrell 1. Speak possibilities into life. Orville and Wilbur Wright didn’t get an aircraft off the ground by focusing on what they couldn’t do, but by continually extending the boundaries of what they could. It’s the same … Continue reading

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