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Inner Game
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Let your light shine!

You are a light in this world. Let it shine.

Life is…what shall I say? Amazing. This early morning I was looking out the window and the sun was rising. It must have just been at the correct angle to illuminate everything that is usually not visible. Have you ever experienced the sun coming in your window at the right angle that it illuminates all the dust particles that are always there but usually you don’t see them? Well, I experienced this in the outdoors this morning. I could not believe my eyes. I was seeing all sorts of flying things. Tiny as they were, I am sure you usually don’t see them. Yes, they were bugs, but in an abundance such as I have not seen. What do I make of all this? My ah-ha moment. 1. Light illuminates stuff you don’t want to see. 2. There is an abundance of everything all around you. 3. You don’t always see that abundance. 4. Stuff you want to see is in abundance with stuff you don’t want to see. Actually, side by side. 5. Our conditioning (represented by the angle of the sun this morning) only allows us to see certain things. 6. Every now and then you have a moment when everything is exposed. Those moments are actually liberating. 7. Your perception (represented by the sunlight) influences what you see. Most of the time you only see what your perception allows you to see. The other stuff (represented by the tiny flying things) is there in abundance but you don’t see them. 8. You can’t even deal with the other stuff until you see it. Until you recognize it. There may be some unconscious things in your life that are not serving you but and not until you recognize them, can you begin to change them. 9. One may say… Out of sight, out of mind. Who cares about the small stuff anyway? 10. It is how you respond, not react to the small stuff that determines the results you are looking for. 11. You are a masterpiece because you are a piece of the master. 12. You are the light of the world! What are you illuminating? Wake up to who you are!

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Why do we call Good Friday good?

When A Very Pure And Innocent Man Died?

On this Good Friday I woke up with this question coming from within me. Why do we call “Good Friday” Good?   Any normal thinking human being would be outraged at a completely innocent man being put to death but not only death but through this gruesome torture called crucifixion.  A brief study in crucifixion will enlighten one to the agony one would experience by hand of the Romans and their ability to inflict the greatest amount of pain with a very slow death.  It is a well known fact that depending on the stamina of an individual one could literally survive days through this torturous experience. Every element about this type of death was to inflict excruciating pain to the individual. The placement of the nails on nerves that would radiate pain and located at joints that would enable the process by supporting one’s weight without falling off the cross. It was a common practice to have the knees bent in order that one could push up from the nail in the feet in order to breathe. Simply what happens is one begins to suffocate when they can no longer push up to breathe through the extreme cramping and spasms of the muscles of the body with the outstretched arms. All this is a constant repeating cycle of our inherent drive to stay alive. With one’s bent knees one can push up to breathe but by doing so, they are forcing more weight onto the nerve endings that stream pain to the individual until through the pain and the extreme cramping of all the muscles through the torso they can no longer push up to breathe. They begin to sag and the lungs can no longer begin to take in air to breathe.  This begins a cycle of one pushing up to breathe and then sagging and then pushing up to breathe and sagging. I suppose by now you can imagine the process. Due to some of  the Jewish customs and laws, a common practice to quicken death was to break the legs of the individual in order to disable the person the ability to push up to breathe and therefore suffocate.   

In regards to our remembrance of Good Friday we are referring to the case of Jesus of Nazareth. With evening coming and the Jewish customs the Roman executioner came to Jesus to break his legs but found him already dead and to ensure this fact he thrust his sword into his side piercing his pericardial sack and out flowed blood and then water confirming death. Does this mean that Jesus was weak? Certainly not, but confirmed Jesus’ words that no man takes his life but he laid it down. His death was but a choice He had made to fulfill all things concerning himself. Jesus did die while on the cross but not because of it, he died with a pierced and busted heart but not because of it. He died because He chose to die and lay his life down for the sheep or better yet us. A very selfless sacrifice.

Photo by James Kessler

In light of this event, why do we call Good Friday good? An innocent man died and we should call that good? To understand “good” I went back to the beginning and read about what God had created and every time He created something, God said it was good.  The sky, earth, water, night, day, vegetation, fish, birds, animals all these things God saw them and said it was good. But when I came to man, made in God’s image and likeness, I noticed he changed His phrase from good to very good. So man in God’s eyes is very good. This to me speaks of how God feels about himself, since man was but a reflection of Himself. In scripture God reveals Himself to be “good” , to be “love” to have no beginning or end, to know all things, to be equally present at all places at the same time, regardless of space and time, to be all powerful, to be One and only God. The great “I AM” and that He is Father. Therefore since He is Father, He must have children. So Adam and Eve were son and daughter of God. However, as it is recorded man and woman made a mistake and disobeyed God in the garden. Man once being a son and friend of God, now perceived that he was separated, independent of, and no longer a friend/son of God but now an enemy. Now the account of man was blemished, tarnished, and out of balance, in effect lifeless, apart from God. Man now owed a debt he could not pay. God knowing all this in advance chose to set in place a plan that would reconcile man’s record. So through years of revealing this plan to His people, through leaders and prophets time came to a fullness and God had another Son, this Jesus of Nazareth. He spoke of Jesus as His beloved son in whom He was well pleased or in other words a “Very good Son” one who knew no sin.  Now man had developed and grew into a religious system of sacrifices for their sin but this system was only a covering over and had to be repeated every year. A system that oppressed the people of God. Therefore God chose to do something once for all to totally and completely restore and reconcile man to Himself by making a new agreement or covenant that God would keep, this time it would be permanent and once for all time. God had used the Jewish religious leaders, Pontius Pilate, and the Roman government to execute His Beloved Son to satisfy the debt of the old agreement or covenant and therefore initiate this new covenant. This pleased the Father or was “good” to Him, in that He was in Christ reconciling the world back to Himself. He who knew no sin (Jesus) became sin for us that we now God’s children would have a right standing with Him. We in Christ become God’s sons and daughters forever without end and in Him (Jesus) we are made new beings. This is all done for us and therefore we decree Good Friday as GOOD because it was good to God the Father.

How do I know it was good to God the Father? The answer as well as all truth is simple. The sacrifice was accepted. How do I know that? Jesus the Christ, our Savior though He did completely die in our place did not remain dead but was raised on the third day after His death. Therefore the GOOD NEWS is this: Be reconciled to God because He does not count your sins against you, your debt has been already paid in full and the VERY GOOD NEWS is in Christ Jesus you are now and forever Sons and Daughters of the Most High God. You are His friend and no longer separated from HIM! Be reconciled because you are. Today is the day of salvation. Jesus said that He came that we would have life and life abundantly!

Joe Helms

Copyright 2013

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The Unlimited Power of Your Mind!

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Brain Awareness Week

The best way to master your brain, to keep it healthy, and to unlock powers you never even knew you had… is by learning exactly how to use your brain to its fullest potential.

And you can learn how to do exactly that at NeuroGym’s Brain Awareness Week.

John Assaraf (Founder of NeuroGym) brought together five top brain science and success experts to give a week’s worth of awesome masterclass trainings.

It’s free to register.

And when you do, you’ll get access to all five classes.

But you have to hurry – this event starts on Monday. If you want access to all five classes, you must register today.

Register for Brain Awareness Week

John is putting on this awesome training event to help spread the message of Brain Awareness Week.

Brain Awareness Week is a campaign dedicated to spreading the research and findings of the field of neuroscience… and helping people apply these findings to improve their lives.

So if you want to participate and get access to some amazing free training that is only going to be available next week… then make sure you register right now.

Here’s what you’re going to learn in each masterclass:

Monday: Dr. Srini Pillay – Unleash the Genius Parts of Your Brain for the Smartest Path to Financial Success

Tuesday: Dr. Sarah McKay, PhD – Refire to Rewire: The New Science of Peak Performance

Wednesday: David Bach – How to Become an Automatic Millionaire

Thursday: Sharon Pearson – How To Overcome Your Inner Critic – Break Free from Past Failures, Challenges, Stories, Circumstances or Excuses

Friday: Mary Morrissey – Bridging the Gap Between Where You are & The Life You Want to Live

Five amazing masterclasses.

Five world- class brain science and success experts.

Five amazing ways to strengthen your mental and emotional

fitness… so you can finally optimize your brain and achieve your life’s greatest goals and dreams.

This awesome week of training starts on Monday, March 11th.

Claim your spot now before this powerful week of life-changing training begins.

Register for NeuroGym’s Brain Awareness Week

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This mind-blowing series is going to change your brain forever…

Celebrate Brain Awareness Week with NeuroGym’s Incredible Free Brain Training Series!  
When: March 11.15, 2019
Time: Starts at 10:00 a.m.
Where: Your Desktop or Laptop Computer 
Expert Speakers: See here  
Over 100,000 expected to attend!   Have you Registered yet?
If not click here to register, get details, and claim your free gift. Hello All,   We now know that there are neurological “keys” that exist that can help
you unlock your brain’s full potential.   And when you discover these
components, you’re able to change your brain so you can accomplish anything
you want in life.   We know this is true, thanks to the amazing advances in the
field of neuroscience over the past few years.   The reason I’m telling you this is because next week, there’s a very important worldwide celebration happening.   You see, next week is worldwide Brain Awareness Week.   And as a way to
celebrate, John Assaraf (New York Times Best Selling Author and Founder of
NeuroGym) is hosting a life-changing training series called…  
NeuroGym’s Brain Awareness Week Masterclass Series   As soon as I heard about this awesome event happening next week, I had to tell you about it…   It’s a series of transformative training
that helps you discover the neurological “keys” to unlocking your full potential and understanding your brain better… so you can upgrade your mental and
emotional skills, transform your life, and achieve your biggest goals faster and
easier than ever before. Brain Awareness Week is a global campaign dedicated to spreading advances in the field of neuroscience.   There have been a lot of these advances – many which can affect your life and performance on a day-to-day
basis. These advances can affect how much money you earn. They can affect
your self-image and self -confidence.   And they can even affect the fear and
motivation circuits in your brain. (That’s why it’s easy to get excited when you
set a goal, but you instantly get scared and overwhelmed when you try to achieve it.)   As a way to celebrate Brain Awareness Week and spread the message of
this amazing movement, John Assaraf and his team at NeuroGym decided to
host a series of masterclass trainings for the entire week of  March 11.15th.  
Register for NeuroGym’s Brain Awareness Week Masterclass Series   Five days. Five world-class experts. Five masterclasses that will transform the way you think, feel and perform.   The best part is it’s free to attend.   There’s one thing you should know, though.   This is a one-time only event.   The only time you can get free access to these masterclass trainings is by saving your spot right now.   John Assaraf has gone to great lengths to bring in five of the
world’s greatest experts and authorities in the field of brain research and
neuroscience for this event.  
(Check out the amazing lineup of speakers here).   These are people who understand the psychological, biological and neuroscientific reasons WHY
people fail to reach success. And they have uncovered a ton of
valuable, evidence-based strategies that can help anyone turn their life around,
train their brain, and automatically start developing the right thoughts, beliefs,
and habits required to achieve success in life.   If you want access to this
awesome free training series, make sure you register right now.   Here’s where
to sign up:   Save my seat for Brain Awareness Week
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If you would like a free sample click here. You must pay S&H of $11.95. The free sample offer is only available in the United States.

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Gratitude 30 Day Exercise

Just saying…Gratitude will cure whatever ails you. Recently I was challenged by my mentors to do a 30-day gratitude exercise. I took them up on their challenge. On January 1st, 2019 I started the exercise. It is simple to practice. Here are the instructions. Everyday for 30 days step #1 write down 10 different things you are grateful for, then step #2 you send love to three people who are bothering you, step #3 sit quietly for five minutes and the final step # 4 is to ask for guidance and direction for your day.

Hence this exercise has changed my life. I always say gratitude will cure whatever ails you. I encourage you to try this exercise for 30 days. It will transform your life. Truly I can’t begin to tell you all the ways it has changed my life for the better. Currently, I am now on day # 50 and I don’t plan on stopping. I know for a fact, that gratitude will change your life. If you have not read my post on gratitude you really need to. Here is the link:

As a result, you can thank me later! But please be grateful. It is life changing. You will be amazed how adding this simple routine to your life will greatly affect your daily life. It will change your mood. Most people get it wrong and they say when I am happy, I will be grateful. But I tell you the very opposite is true. When you become grateful, you will be happy.

You can request to join my “Gratitude Group” by visiting here:

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Do you complain?

Just saying…We all complain when we fail to set clear expectations. Learn to anticipate potential outcomes and you will be prepared for them. You will be able to show up as your best self to meet the challenges you face instead of complaining about them. It is when you know something may come, you can prepare for it. Those circumstances don’t take you by surprise. Let’s put some rubber on the road with this. If you know ahead of time, that you are going to have a rough or challenging day and expect it. You can show up to meet those challenges instead of complaining about it all day. Which actually is the same energy being wasted. I always say…Watch your complaining because you just might die in the desert.

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Want to start your own business?

Yes you can have your own business for as little as $32.00. This is a no brainer. That’s right I said $32.00. Here is how you do it. Go to this website:

Fill out the form and get a free sample of full spectrum USA grown and produced CBD oil. Pay the Shipping and Handling of $11.95. Then after receiving your free sample upgrade and purchase the marketing system for $20.00.

CBD oil sample pack

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