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Your true power…

You will not want to believe your true power.

Your true power is so powerful that you will not believe it is true. Or you will not think that you are worthy of it. Your true power lies in who you truly are. You already possess this power and are using it every day without your knowledge of it. However, you may not be benefitting from it. You are created in the image and likeness of the Almighty God. You are a co-creator of your own reality. Yes, you. But don’t just take my word for it. Watch this :  Click Here!

Yes, you have a power that creates but you need to understand this true power in order to use it for your benefit. Luke 17:6     He replied, “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it will obey you.” The keywords here are faith, mustard seed and say. Faith is believing not doubting, mustard seed was the smallest unit of measuring at that time, and say is you speaking a command. 

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An amazing story…

Blessings to you Michael for sharing your story!!!

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Tony Robbins Says..

Yes, Tony Robbins says: Success Leaves Clues!

There’s a saying that I love from Tony Robbins
“Success leaves clues”

What Tony means by this is that if you want to achieve a certain result, copy what other people do that have achieved that results.

Seems simple enough right?

Get Free Book

What if I told you there is 1 particular behavior that 88% of wealthy people do. Do you think that might be worth knowing?

Anik Singal just made a video about exactly this,

Watch the video now click here.

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New Book called eScape…

Yes, eSCAPE is free!

Anik Singal’s Employee to Entrepreneur Strategy…revealed in his new book titled “eSCAPE”.  Check this out – Anik Singal just dropped his brand new book…


…and he’s giving it away FREE!

It’s called eSCAPE and it’s all about how to go from employee to Entrepreneur in 4-steps (he calls this the eSCAPE Triangle.


This is the book he wrote after everything finally “clicked” for him a few years ago.

And it’s taken him 2 years to write.


After Anik spent time with 5 Billionaires, over 50 Millionaires (according to this page, built several companies, and sold over $200M online – he figured out one thing:

All successful Entrepreneurs do the SAME THINGS!

They all have the same habits.

So – Anik wrote a book about those habits and it’s free right now.


I wanted to share this with you because from what I can see, the book looks like it’s going to be a game-changer.

Go grab it now!

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Fix Your “Employee Mindset” Now!

Lose your “Employee Mindset”!

Awesome news…Yes, lose your employee mindset. Anik Singal just dropped his new book called “eSCAPE” and you can get it for free! Get eSCAPE click here.

Lose your employee mindset through this free book. It’s all about how to move from being an employee to an Entrepreneur. This is what he’s found out after sitting down with Billionaires, selling over $200M online, and studying entrepreneurship for the last 15 + years.

After decades of success, failure, and hundreds of millions of dollars…

Anik found “The eSCAPE Triangle.” Get it now!

And he walks you through exactly how it can help you move into entrepreneurship FAST (without making all the same mistakes that MOST new Entrepreneurs make).


If you have a few minutes, check out the book info page here:

Check out the page & get the free book: Check it out now!

Let me know if you get it and tell me what you think afterward.


Avg. Joe

P.S. Yes it’s really free- why are you still reading this 😉 …just click the link
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Can you see your opportunities?

I say…You don’t always see your opportunities!

We so often want and desire opportunities of different kinds and for a variety of reasons. But are you truly seeing them when they are before you? I can honestly say you are not seeing all of them and perhaps they are even right in front of you and you don’t even notice them and I will prove it to you. Take a look at this very familiar company logo.

I ask what do you see? Do you see an arrow or a spoon? I am telling you those two objects are right before you and chances are great that you don’t see them. I will even tell you where they are and some of you will still not see them. The arrow is between the capital E and the x. Do you see the arrow? The spoon is in the lower portion of the lower case e. Do you see the spoon? Why do you not see the items?

When opportunities knock.

I will tell you that your brain thinks in pictures, not words. And you do not have a cell of recognition in your brain of those two items associated with that logo. But once you see them, you will now have a cell of recognition and most likely see them first now when you see this logo. That brings me back to your opportunities. Since you may not have a cell of recognition in your brain of some opportunity before you, and I say right before you. You will not see it or even notice it exists.

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In regards to your success, successful people for centuries have known and used this strategy. What is this strategy or opportunity? It is multiple sources or streams of income. You need more than one source of income. Do you have those type of opportunities before you? I am interested in your success so I will put an opportunity in front of you. It is a done for you, opportunity. By the way, those are the easiest kind. Here it is.

OpportunityTo take advantage of this done for you, opportunity or click here!

Or another opportunity

I came across a JV opportunity that I thought I’d share with you, it truly would be perfect for you also.

NeuroGym, a long-term partner of mine, has a big launch coming up from on October 6th, 2018 and I thought you might want to get in on it.

Here’s why it’d be a great idea for you to promote it:

  • They have a big launch coming up promoting their 7th Annual Live Brain-A-Thon event which is one of the largest and most coveted in the industry. They recently tested this offer to their house list and they generated $9 EPC’s. This live event only happens once a year and it converts like crazy.
  • They have powerful, compelling copy that they are constantly testing and tweaking for high conversions.
  • Every promotion has a ton of great, valuable content that your list will love.
  • 1 Million people have registered for previous events
  • Last year their average EPC was $8.34, and EPO was $38.02.  Those are some of the very highest in the industry.
  • Commission rate is 40%!
  • $50,000 in cash prizes available to win
  • Massive exposure and co-branding opportunities for your large list

Plus, they have an incredible support team who will make it easy for you to promote their offers successfully.

If you’re interested in getting in on this launch, sign up clicking here.

You won’t be disappointed and I highly recommend it.

To your success!

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Would you change the way you think?

If you knew your thoughts and worrying caused more of the same…


Picture of your thoughts in a neuropathway.

Think about that for a moment. Would you change the way you think or your thoughts if you knew they create more of the same kind of experiences? I believe you would. And the truth is, they actually are the cause of what you experience. You now know that they do, so stop. Change the way you think about something and the thing you think about changes. However, the hard work is doing this repeatedly over and over until your body knows this better than your mind and you have created a new habit or way of thinking. Repetition is the key to this change. You must do something over and over to change. Else your usual way of thinking creates the same thing. Your brain is wired that way through its neuro pathways. When you repeatedly think and feel in a certain way it creates a neuropathway that is wired and fires together. That is why, when you gauge your life by what you see always produces much of the very same thing. Therefore nothing changes.

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Three Habits of Success

3 Habits Of Highly Effective People You Need To Have

One of the most important steps in building wealth and gaining success is developing good habits and routines that help you grow and gain an advantage.

Today, I wanted to give you some advice on three habits that you should be working on developing. In order to be successful, you gotta build good habits that help you grow every day.

If you wanna be successful, you gotta find what benefits you every day and build that into your routine.

Habit #1)

The first habit that you should establish is taking quick naps every day. Trust me, I used to not take a lot of naps, but I’ve been taking 18-minute power naps every day for a while now, and trust me it will help you feel great for the rest of the day. It’s just enough time where you can actually feel rested but it’s quick enough so you’re not wasting a lot of time.

Trust me, you’re not gonna be productive if you’re tired all the time. You can sacrifice 20 minutes of your day if it improves how well you work.

Habit #2)

One of the best habits that you need to form is reading every single day. I want you to make a goal to read at least one book a week. One of the most important things that you can do is constantly learn, and reading a book is one of the easiest ways to learn lessons from other people. You don’t necessarily have to have a physical mentor anymore, because there are thousands of mentors through books and YouTube videos and online materials.

Finishing a book in a week isn’t that hard. I read at least one book a day. If you dedicate an hour a day to reading one book, I guarantee you can finish a book in a week. If you really don’t have enough time to read, download an app like audible and listen to audiobooks every day. You might not retain as much listening to books instead of actually reading, but you gotta figure out how to fit this habit into your life.

Successful HabitsThe third habit that you gotta develop is working out at least three times a week.

What’s even better than just working out is lifting heavy weights. There are so many books and resources on the internet to teach you how to lift weights the right way.

The University of New Mexico put out a study recently that showed heavy lifting and regular anaerobic exercise not only reduces anxiety and depression, but it actually slows down the aging process in humans. Exercise is never gonna be a bad thing for you, just make sure you’ve got good technique and stuff otherwise you might end up hurting yourself.

Habit #3)

Put a little muscle on. Everything that you want, you can ask any doctor, any researcher, comes from putting a little bit of muscle on. Don’t worry about putting on “too much” muscle. You won’t get bulky from lifting 3 times a week.

Ok, so there are three important habits that I think everybody needs to form. I know this might seem a little daunting, but I guarantee by week three or four, you’re going to want to do these things. You’re going to look forward to them because no matter how much extra stress it’s gonna add or how much time it might take, doing these habits will only do good for you.

Give these a try this week, and let me know how it goes.

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The 3 choices that can change your life forever

It’s your choice…FREE Offer ends today!

Life is just one big series of choices.

Every single day, you find yourself at a new crossroads, with new decisions to make that will either lead you closer to or further away from your goals.

If you choose right – you can get everything you ever wanted and live a life that most people only dream about. And right now, you’re standing at one of these crossroads.

Below, you’ll find three choices you can make.


Each one can lead you down a different path.

And each choice has the potential to change your life.

If you want to learn why combining spirituality and science leads to greater wealth and success, then click this link. It leads to a free training called the Brain-A-Thon Masterclass With John Assaraf and Morrissey. It’ll show you how the latest brain science can help you form new neural pathways and change your brain so you can finally achieve all the wealth and success you’ve ever wanted.

If you want to learn how you can regain hope, love your body again, and finally train your brain to achieve your health and weight loss goals, then click this link. It leads to a three-day challenge called the Love Your Body Jumpstart Challenge that can help jumpstart your brain into “weight loss mode” – without you having to suffer through crazy diet or exercise programs that just don’t work.

If you’d like to learn a surefire way to grow and protect your wealth and achieve all of your life’s financial goals and dreams… and if you want a step-by-step system to follow that’s been proven to work, then click this link. It leads to John Assaraf’s Mastering Financial Goal Achievement Program that can help you accumulate, grow and protect your wealth fast.

Each one of these three programs was created by John Assaraf (New York Times Best Selling Author and Founder of NeuroGym).

They are designed using the latest brain science to help you train your brain for success in every area of your life.

All you have to do to get started is choose which one of these three areas you’d like help in. Or, if you’d like, you can take advantage of all three.

Here’s where to go to sign up for these free training series and to learn more information:

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