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To believe or not to believe?

Yes, that is the question about belief.

The choice is yours. You decide what you believe or not believe. However, your way of thinking is being controlled by your paradigm. So your beliefs may not actually be yours. What? You ask. You inherited them. Here is the science of the matter. When you were born, your conscious mind was not developed but your subconscious mind was wide open and recorded everything from your surroundings. From in your mother’s womb until about the age of 6 or 7 your subconscious mind is building belief systems and habits from your environment. This process actually programs you and this program stays in place until you die unless the programming is overwritten.  You are not alone. This is true of every human being. So what or who was in your environment at that time? Because it is controlling what you do and even how you think. Perhaps you may need a transformation of your belief systems. For your information, your conscious mind is not fully developed until the age of 25- 28.

What you don’t fix…

Your kids will inherit. It is said by some, that science and theology are antagonistic. However, they are actually compatible. Here is my example. The ancient script says in Prov. 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” That is the theology part. Your children by being in your environment until the age of 6-7 have downloaded things that you have said, done and believe. So a word of caution is what you don’t fix about limiting beliefs, your children will inherit from you and will also be limited.

I believe.

I believe…

One of the best things I have learned.

Is the ability to question your beliefs. Ask yourself, why do I believe that? Investigate them and don’t be afraid to question them. As an adult with your fully developed conscious mind, you have the power to choose what to believe. Do your beliefs support you and your hopes, desires, and dreams? If not replace them. Understand that to rewire your brain it takes consistent effort. Science says it takes 66 days to build new neuropathways.


To your success!

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What has fear got to do with it?

Hopefully by now, nothing!

Fear can be crippling and can make you stop in your tracks. However if you have read over my blog posts and learned about who you truly are, you now have no need of fear. When you know that God and the universe are for you, not against you, what do you have to fear? Nothing! Furthermore, you are one with the Everlasting God. He is in you with His fullness of all that He is. What I ask, do you have to fear about? When everything that He has is at your disposal, His power, His knowledge, His wisdom, His glory and might. Look fear is false evidence appearing real. You now know the truth about who you are. You do not have to fear anymore. In very practical terms, do the thing that you fear, stand up to the fear and the fear will disappear.

Fear Not!

“Only victims need fear.” – Joe Helms  Know that perfect love casts out all fear. That is exactly what you are at your core. Perfect love. Fear tries to play hard-ball but fear will run away from you when you stand up to it. Remember if God is for us and He absolutely is, who can be against us? I’ll take that answer. No one or nothing! Most of the time fear stems from ignorance. But you are no longer ignorant of the truth. You are not separate from Him but are one with Him. If this does not empower you, you may need a coach or counseling and I encourage you to seek either of those out. You have all the answers that you need at your disposal. Just ask! You have not because you ask not! Start asking.

No fear

Don’t Fear

Our brain has evolved further than the fight or flight. Who can by worrying, add even a moment to their life?  Fear and worry are not good for your physical body. They can cause high levels of certain hormones which are toxic to your body. Fear and worry in that case cause dis-ease, not at ease. Or better known as disease. Do not fear. Most of the time the thing you fear or worry about does not even happen. Why waste your thought energy on something that you don’t want. Think of what you desire instead. It is the same thought energy and it just requires a choice on your part to do so.

Righteous Judgement

To your success!

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Looking to make a change?

Change it does a body good…

Would you like to change something about you or your life? Sorry, this is long but it would be worth your time to read it.

Be Transformed By Renewing Your Mind

By Joe Helms

Copyright 2014

Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

It is a truth for you to discover and find.

The way to change is to change your mind.

This is a universal truth for all mankind.

What you most often think about you become.

That is a truth that you should succumb.

Ignoring this truth could be rather dumb.

However, it is your choice to live from.

You become what you think about.

But what if you don’t believe this or doubt?

This law always works the same, it always comes out.

Good or bad it matters not, that is how you got the life you wrought.

At the end of your life, you may say if I only knew.

What could I have been or been saved from going through?

The pain I suffered and cried boo who.

And now my friend you know that’s why I’m telling you.

Truth like this is not hard but rather easy.

First introduction of this can make you uneasy.

By this truth, you discover you’re responsible which could make you queasy.

As you practice this truth, it does get easy.

There are two steps in unlearning.

First, learn something new to replace what you have been believing.

Second is letting go of the old and that takes discerning.

Please understand this renewing is just returning.

A returning? How can that be?

As you entered this world you were perfect and free.

But then came your ego, which edged God out, do you see?

The true you is an eternal spirit that will always be.

You are not your body or what you possess.

You are one with Him, greatly loved and blessed.

You are not your reputation. That is not even in you, I want to impress.

Your thinking is stinking and rather a mess, you always believe you are less.

So what thoughts or beliefs should you renew?

You are no longer separated from Him and that is true.

You are one with Him and that is singular and not two.

If anyone wants to see Him, He is found in you.

So be transformed, that is what He is up to.

Changing you from the inside, creating the image of His son in you.

According to your thoughts, faith or belief, it is done to you.

I have shared this powerful everlasting truth, what will you do?

I help my clients elicit change, enjoyment, and continuity in their lives by getting them to first change their thoughts through awareness. The awareness can come from understanding the process by which things come into our lives. All things begin with thought and our repeated, dominant thoughts become our beliefs. Our beliefs produce how we feel. How we feel determines what we do. And what we do or actions we take produce our results in life. Most people when they want change try starting with their results and that is not the place to start for lasting change. For lasting change we have to start with first cause and that is within our thinking. I will instruct the individual to first become an observer of themselves as well as others since we are all alike and have the same basic needs. One should begin to monitor their inner dialog. Listen to themselves talking to themselves. This is a good way to begin to notice our belief systems. Once one uncovers a belief, begin to ask good questions as to whether that belief is based on truth. This practice is hard in the beginning but like everything is life that is worthwhile it is worth the effort one puts into it. Practice does make perfect. Observing one’s self and questioning one’s beliefs builds discernment and understanding. Since our belief systems were formed in us by the time we were 6 or 7, most of them are other people (parents, teachers, relatives) beliefs that were fixed into our subconscious mind. When we were that young our subconscious was wide open and accepted what was provided to it through those relationships listed and our environment. So some of our beliefs can be buried and or suppressed and need to be weeded out through various clearing methods. A common clearing method is forgiveness. Since all healing goes through the door of forgiveness, healing beliefs that no longer serve us can be attained through this method. I will encourage my clients to empty themselves of negative emotions by forgiving others that may have offended them or to forgive themselves.


Replace those negative emotions with gratitude. Gratitude is a doorway to lasting change. Since one cannot function in negative emotions while experiencing gratitude. I will instruct my clients to choose how they would like to feel and then be that. Live life choosing instead of reacting to life. Become who you truly are, one who was created to have dominion to rule and reign in life. Our true nature of who we are is a divine spirit and part of the Creator. In Him we live, move and have our being and we possess the character of love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. We do not have to work these up, we already possess them. Just choose to be them. To further understand I will explain how we are made. We have a logical, thinking mind known as our conscious mind. We also have a subconscious mind that is not logical but is submissive and is your most willing servant, your emotional mind that controls all of your vital functions (heartbeat, breathing, circulation, digestion) in your body. Your subconscious mind never rests, sleeps or gets weary. So with your conscious mind you think thoughts, your most dominant thoughts especially if they are affixed to an emotion gets accepted by your subconscious mind and makes them true in your life. Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between fact or fiction. It just knows to take the command given it and reproduce that (whatever it is good or bad) in your life. As stated earlier your repeated thoughts become part of your beliefs. And it is a law of life that according to your faith (belief) it is done to you. So the saying as a man thinks in his heart so is he is true.
The process that works this out in our lives is known as the law of attraction. The universal language of the universe is vibrational. So your thoughts coupled with your emotions create a mood or vibration that is broadcasted from you and will attract and receive back like vibrations. Simply put like things, thoughts attract like things. Like attracts like. Positive thoughts can only attract more positive thoughts and results and negative thoughts can only attract negative thoughts and results. Just like, like begets like. Our thoughts which are electrical impulses are charged or magnetized with our emotions, therefore creating an electromagnetic current and attract that which they have an affinity for or exact likeness for. This is a law of the universe and works far beyond ourselves and lives to the ends of the universe to accomplish that which is desired. However, it is He the creator who does that work. He is in us both to will and to do. This is a law that works 100% of the time, showing no partiality, it only knows to work.


However, In quantum mechanics experiments, it is the one who observes that makes the determination. So what this proves is, we are co-creators with the Creator. With this knowledge, I will empower my clients to create what they desire instead of accepting what they are getting. So where do desires come from? If we just analyze the word “de” means “of” and “sire” means “father”. So desires come from the Creator Father. I will then encourage my clients to ask themselves what makes them happy? Or what would their perfect day look like? What would they do if there were no restrictions in their life? I would use this method of questioning to get to what they really want in life.
Once one knows what they want, which is desire, begin to make repeated statements to yourself that you believe to be true, which is belief. Then couple those two with faith which is a knowing and this builds expectancy which is a belief that knows that whatever is desired is on its way. This is how the law of attraction works in our life. However like other laws of the universe you can use specialization to achieve results. Just are the Wright brothers used lift and drag to work with the law of gravity. We can use specialization to enhance our results of the law of attraction. For our purpose, we can use creative visualization to create a picture within our conscious mind of the exact end results we desire. Added to the visualization we can add imagination which is perfectly limitless to create a clearer image. Understand the law is precise. Fuzzy image, fuzzy results, and a clear image obtains a clear result. Use your imagination to tweak the image and make a movie on the screen of your mind. Building an image is very important because your mind thinks in pictures, not words. To prove that point, think of your front door. Did you see the words front door or did you see a picture of your front door? It was a picture. Now there is further work that needs to be done. When we receive something, we truly need to receive it fully. Believe we have it. As Mark 11:24 states: “Therefore I say unto you, whatever things you desire when you pray, believe that you will receive them, and you shall have them.” In order for one to believe that they receive takes faith, belief, receiving, controlling thoughts and on purpose emotions. In some words act as if. One must align their thinking with their desire, their words with the aligned thinking, align their emotions with receiving and take persistent aligned actions. The best part of all of this is you don’t have to know how it shall happen. You just have to see the end result in mind and the how will come and show up. A key in this process is not to worry or become anxious over your desire, just state your desire and know that it is on its way. Release it, just let it go. And constantly be grateful.

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What’s sabotaging your success?

It’s a strange thing to think about, I know.

But modern mind science is proving with ever-increasing certainty –

That more than anything else, it’s your childhood, that
shapes your career and financial success in adulthood.

The question is:

At this moment, is your childhood helping or sabotaging your success?

This 30-second quiz reveals the surprising answer
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30 Second Quiz

30-second quiz: discover how your childhood is 
influencing your career and finances.

P.S. Pay extra close attention to the short personalized 
results video right after you take the 30-second quiz.

It’ll show you how to rewire your brain for success and abundance on autopilot – no matter what your past looks like.

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What is in the middle?

Again I ask, What is in the middle?

On one end you have how you feel, your feelings and on the other end, you have your life, circumstances, events, happenings, and etc. What is in the space in the middle between the two? It is your thoughts. Furthermore, your thoughts actually change both ends. Your thoughts change how you feel and what you do. One of my many mentors said this. “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” — Wayne Dyer

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Follow these 6 steps to rewire your brain for success

Imagine how much different your life could be if your brain was programmed for “success.”

Where every time you set a goal, you knew you’d be able to achieve it. Where fear, doubt or anxiety didn’t get in your way. Where you stopped sabotaging yourself and finally were able to step into your own, personal greatness…

Well, thanks to what we now know about the human brain, it’s totally possible to actually rewire the way your brain works.

And there’s actually a 6-step process you can use to rewire your brain so you can perform at a higher level in life and start achieving more success than ever before.

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Have your choices painted you into a corner?

Your Choices…

Is that even possible? Certainly! It is quite possible that the choices you have made, have painted you into a corner. Now you feel you no longer have a choice. Or your choosing can no longer help you. That type of thinking is only a mindset that is untrue. There is a sure hope that can help you in this situation. Your ability to choose is your very power to run your life with. Your awareness of this power leaves no room for the excuse that your life is not your fault. Quite frankly you have no one to blame but yourself. Your life is your making. Understand that no one makes you think but yourself and you alone choose what you think. The ancient script says, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” Know that you always have a choice. You can choose to believe a certain report or not believe it. So when you think and feel that you don’t have a choice, know that is not the truth. Decide at that moment and think about the outcome you would like to have. Focus all of your attention on what you want not on what you don’t want. But know this, when you feel you are in that corner where you don’t have a choice, that is still your choice. For you not to make a choice at that moment is still your choice.

Learn to make good sound choices. Understand that successful people make choices quickly and rarely change their mind. While unsuccessful people tend to make decisions/choices slowly and often change their mind. Which one are you? That choice is also yours!

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Paradigms are your group of beliefs and habits. Honestly, this is what’s controlling your life. Your paradigm may not be serving your best interest and goals. So they may have to be changed. But don’t just take my word about it. Watch the video.

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Quantum Physics…the Bible…and Heresy…

What do Quantum Physics, the Bible, and heresy have in common?

I’m writing to you quickly today.

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To your success!

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